not everyones world is perfect
By: era dnie

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Thursday, 8-Nov-2007 11:20 Email | Share | | Bookmark

so this is the first time i have ever signed up for blogging

but anywayz
this is the story

yesterday after comming bak from school i sorta got a lecture from my mum about the libary books i fogot to return.she blabbed on then it got me so annoyed i went into my room.a few minutes later my dad asked me to sit down with him at the dinner there we go again another lecture!! blah blah blah this that wats happing WATEVER!! so after that talk i went into my room and slept because i just got back from school. around 9.24pm i woke up and got a mesej from my bf dinie. saying tht his going out with his parents and friend and that he will call me. so there i was all happy and smiling like theres no tomorrow. i waited for him till 12 i guess. then i just slammed my fone off.

i woke up at 6 this morning.finding tht he didnt call.and i just thought to myself.why shuold i be mad at him.small problem tak de hal. buat cam biasa je. haha all happy and in the mood of going to school
thinking everything was going to be fine!
nope wroungg
had a fight with my friend shenae
the note writing with

it just pisses me of seriously i was hell pissed of.
ihad fun in 2nd period
sat with bianca my buddy and joked around
thinking nothing else was going to turn out bad
im wrong again
i hate this teachers guts like hell
wanna know the problem?
the problem is
i was given an acessment i got the idea
but didnt know how to put the words togther
so i went up to andrew
and asked
can i look at your work for a minute becoz im stuck with this question
then stupid teacher started yelling at me because i asked for help
yeh u might be thinking why didnt i ask the teacher
i didnt ask the teacher because he hates my guts for some reason
he explains things
like he wants to have sex with us
its not funny
i tell my mum my dad my famliy
but they reacon its just because i hate the subject!!!
so after he started yelling at me
i went outside crying
becoz i already had a tough day
shit head
i hate this world
on my way to the toilet with tears running down my face
bianca and i ran into the deputy princible
and i got detention
lucky enough
when i had detention i got mr burge as the detention keeper
he asked me what happned
and he let me off
now i was happy after that
but then needed my LOVLEY bf to call me
but he was busy
at his friends house
wtf! hello u got ur exams next week mateee
and till now im waiting for his call. hmm
i wish for a better day and life
but i think
ill neva get it
i feel so lonley
just writing this blog up is making me cry
i dnno if i have anyone here in this world that would understand what im going through
i love my famliy
but sumtimes
i fill left out
i want my friend shenae
to change
and like me as a friend
i dun want her to be two faced anymore
i just want a better life
thats all im asking for


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